Welcome to PUREFRESH®

Master Health Products is a manufacturer and importer of natural and organic products, which are distributed to various outlets in South Africa. Since its establishment in 2000, Master Health Products have consistently strived to provide consumers with prime quality products that are flawlessly natural.

Being mindful of your oral health needs, the PUREFRESH Curcuma Xanthorrhiza® range is created entirely from pure plant extracts and natural ingredients. Each of the ingredients is carefully chosen for its unique properties and therapeutic benefits. Our range is comprehensive in its offering, ensuring dental and oral health consistently throughout the day. Start and end your day with PUREFRESH® toothpaste and oral rinse and enjoy oral health and fresh breath throughout the day.

Glenn Goldschmidt, owner of Master Health Products, has a vested interest in dental health and has been active in the field for 26 years. Being passionate about natural, healthy living and the benefits of maintaining a superior dental programme, Glenn dedicated himself to researching, creating and manufacturing this advanced, natural approach to dental and oral health care. He worked closely with a Doctor of Chemistry in Germany to ensure an end product that delivers value.

PUREFRESH® is manufactured in South Africa making it readily available as a supplement to healthy living.

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