Endorsements and Reviews

As you are our business, we decided to ask a number of PUREFRESH® users and dentists for their comments and feedback. We would like to share some of them with you.


This brand is better than any other herbal toothpaste that I have tried and I am very impressed with the effectiveness of the product.

OR – Pretoria.


I am always looking for products without any toxins, it is great to be able to now find a local product which is natural instead of always shopping in bulk when overseas.



A very good toothpaste to use especially when one considers the oral health needs and the excellent benefits is has – excellent results

Dr K T – Balmoral


I developed a slight infection from my tongue ring and my mother suggested that I use PUREFRESH® a couple of times a day. By the second day, the infection was negligible and it had completely disappeared by the end of the third day. This is definitely more than just a toothpaste – thank you for a wonderful product.

CP – Cape Town


I am a complete PUREFRESH® addict. On one occasion, I ran out and resorted to one of the conventional brands. What an awful experience – my mouth and lips burned every time I used it, my teeth definitely did not feel as clean or smooth as they did with PUREFRESH® and I was relieved to be able to revert to what I regard as the best toothpaste on the market. Thank you for a superlative product.

AS – Cape Town